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22 years to customer satisfaction

Laundry Váka is a well-functioning family company based in Třebíč. Modern industrial high-capacity laundry is characterized by a focus on the quality of its services. It was founded in 1992 in the premises of former laundry in the Třebíč hospital. In 2003, the laundry was provided with modern premises in the former PSJ area in Třebíč - Horka - Domky.
It proves permanently that it is capable of meeting the most demanding tasks. It provides customers with quality and reliability in the field of laundry care.
It operates in the regions of Vysočina and the South Moravian Region.


Hand in hand with quality and care

We use the Splendid Vacuum's highly-sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art technology from the renowned Procter & Gamble during the whole washing process. We wash on modern continuous work lines provided by Kannegiesser, Primus. The main ironing equipment is the ironing line from Jesnsen and a set of presses for ironing personal linen.

We have modern machinery. This saves not only your laundry but also the environment. We are not indifferent to our environment and we therefore care about our energy savings, cleanliness of wastewater and we always follow the strictest environmental standards.


We wash and iron all kinds of laundry (including hollow fiber bedspreads and blankets, feather jackets, sleeping bags and smaller textile rugs, various clothes and uniforms) in laundry Váka.
Our customers are healthcare facilities, hotels and other accommodation facilities, restaurants, food businesses, industrial companies, military services and individuals.
Become one of them and you will be pleased!

Your clothes in perfect order ...

  • We provide variable packaging (we use foils, plastic bags, binding)
  • We transport in our transport containers
  • We clean chemically on request
  • We deliver in a few hours
  • We repair damaged clothes


  • We lend bedding sets, towels, bath towels and mats
  • We help you with your own fabrics choise
  • We recommend suitable suppliers
  • We deliver your laundry in full compliance with your requirements
  • We respond flexibly, we honor your wishes


Pricelist for companies

We will tailor the price for our services. The resulting price depends on several factors.
It is the amount of weighed laundry, hygienic standards, the required delivery flexibility and the delivery frequency.

Let us handle a price calculation based on your requirements. Free shipping!


Pricelist for private sector


Our partners are important entities in the region of Vysočina and the South Moravian region.

We will gladly provide references on your request.

Our clients are a business card of our work.

Their favor and constant satisfaction with our services is the biggest praise for us.


Quality mark

Quality specialists of Laundry Váka take care of quality and hygiene in the laundry care process.

This is the key concern of our laundry. We use Christeyns' friendly wash programs and ecological detergents for textiles maintenance.

The regular renewal of our technological equipment also contributes to the longest life of processed laundry.

We are holders of a certificate according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001-2008 standard.       certificate_1     certificate_2


Business | Residence TŘEBÍČ

Hrotovická 1202/27
Třebíč, 674 01
Česká republika

IČ: 18539068
DIČ: CZ5506210391
FO je zapsána v živnostenském rejstříku u MěÚ Třebíč

Bank account: ČSOB 216-497-394/0300

Jindřich Váka: +420 777 121 689
Ing. Michal Váka: +420 775 092 111
Warehouse: +420 568 840 337 (Receive orders)

E-mail: info@pradelnavaka.cz

Opening hours: Mo – Fr 6.00 – 14.00

We are located in the premises in the former PSJ area

Collection point Znojmo

Hrotovická 1202/27
Třebíč, 674 01
Česká republika

Phone: +420 605 702 174

Opening hours: Mo - Fr 8.00 - 12.00

We are located in R-energia s.r.o

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